What Are the Capabilities of Titespot Angle Heads?

What Are the Overall Capabilities of the Titespot® Angle Head?

At 1000 PSI70 Bar and 8 GPM30 LPM the Titespot® angle head develops 2.17 Hp1.6 Kw. Our angle head has successfully in production driven a 3/810 MM ball nose endmill .0501.25 MM deep in titanium at 42 IPM1.07 MPM. With a 5:1 gear reducer a size 2M head is being used to drill a 1/2″13 MM diameter hole through 2″50 MM of heat treated 4140.
Using a Titespot® angle head you can go inside a bore and drill 6 holes 60 degrees apart. On a horizontal machining center you can machine the top and bottom of a part.

For more application samples download our Case Histories. You can also view a video. For a performance calculator see our Angle Heads Performance Data.

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