Titespot® Angle Heads FAQs

What are Titespot® Angle Heads?

Titespot® Angle Heads have, since 1995 offered a cost effective alternative to EDM and mechanically driven angle heads, particularly where multi-position radial machining and/or machining in small bores or cavities is required.

Because spindle rotation is not required to power our angle head, the machine spindle becomes an indexer, allowing multi-position machining with one head and one set-up. Our smallest head can machine radially in bores down to one inch25.4MM in diameter.

What are the pros and cons of Coolant vs. Mechanically Driven Heads?

Mechanical spindle driven angle heads.
Titespot® coolant driven angle heads.

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How does a Coolant Driven Angle Head Work?

High pressure coolant (200-2000 psi)(14-140 bar) depending on the “load” of the application, drives an integral positive displacement ball piston motor that in turn powers the angle head’s spindle via a drive shaft and miter gears.

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What are the overall capabilities of the angle head?

At 1000 PSI70 Bar and 8 GPM30 LPM input a Titespot® Angle Head develops about 2.17 HP1.60 Kw . It has successfully in production driven a 3/8″10 MM ball nose end mill .0501.25 MM deep in titanium at 42 IPM1.07 MPM.

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Where are Titespot® Angle Heads made?

Titespot® angle heads are machined, assembled, tested, and shipped from Cincinnati Ohio, USA.

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For tech help or ordering assistance, call us toll free at 1-877-435-8665 (USA).