Titespot Angle Heads

What are Titespot® Angle Heads?

Titespot® Coolant-Driven Angle Heads have for 15 years offered a cost effective alternative to EDM and mechanically driven angle heads, particularly where multi-position radial machining and/or machining in small bores or cavities is required.

Because spindle rotation is not required to power our angle head, the machine spindle becomes an indexer, allowing multi-position machining with one head and one set-up. Our smallest head can machine radially in bores down to 5/8″16mm in diameter.

Mechanical spindle driven angle heads.
Titespot® coolant driven angle heads.

Pros and Cons
Feature Mechanical Titespot
HorsepowerKilowatts 53.7 >=2.5>=1.87
Requires high pressure coolant. No Yes
Rigidity Poor Excellent
Duty Cycle 6 min / hr. Continuous
Tapping Yes No
Thread milling Yes Yes
Indexable for multiple radial positions No Yes
Compact No Yes
Max Spindle Speed 4500 13,500

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How does a Coolant Driven Angle Head Work?

High pressure coolant (200-2000 psi)(14-140 bar) depending on the “load” of the application, drives an integral positive displacement ball piston motor that in turn powers the angle head’s spindle via a drive shaft and miter gears.

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What are the overall capabilities of the angle head?

At 1000 PSI70 Bar and 8 GPM30 LPM input a Titespot® Angle Head develops about 2.17 HP1.60 Kw.. It has successfully in production driven a 3/8″10 MM ball nose end mill .0501.25 MM deep in titanium at 42 IPM1.07 MPM.

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Where are Titespot® Angle Heads made?

Titespot® angle heads are machined, assembled, tested, and shipped from Cincinnati Ohio, USA.

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