What If My Spindle Has Play?

What If My Spindle Has Play When Clamped?

Play or looseness at an M19 is almost always a function of the servo drive settings and can be corrected. Sometimes the adjustment are made by adjusting a dashpot on the drive itself but more often the adjustment is a control parameter. These settings determine how far out of position the spindle can be before the servo will react to correct the spindles position. It’s not unusual for these to be set loosely at the factory because there was no reason not to let the spindle “float” a little to make alignment of the tool changer arm easier. The offending parameter would be the same one you would adjust to correct following error in a rigid tapping cycle.

Once you determine your specific parameter information I would like to add a list by make and model on this page to share with others. Please forward that information to me and I’ll add it here.

Rarely there is wear, a loose drive belt, gear back lash or other mechanical looseness that cannot be repaired. We do have spindle clamps available that will hold the spindles position while machining and preserve the heads indexability. Use of external clamping devices is extremely rare.

Note 1 from a Customer:

As discussed, here are my findings (parameters for taking to play out of the spindle):

For 15i series use 3064

For 16i series use 4064

This uses data 0-799, default for tool change is 100.

I’m currently using 785 to lock the spindle up tight for thread milling.

I’m using the following format to change this value on the run, as to keep the radial play active durring and for smoother tool change operation:

G10 L52
N4064 P1 R785

and then back as

G10 L52
N4064 P1 R100

Best Regards,
Kxxxxxx Dxxxxx

Note 2:

4064 worked to tighten the spindle on a Hundai Kia with Fanuc OI-MC

Note 3: For HAAS Machines

For CHC/Legacy Control
M19 Option Required
If there is spindle play: Parameter 178 sp D gain , double gain

For Next Generation Control
M19 Option or WIPS(Wireless Intuitive Probing System) Required
Parameter 178 on CHC/Legacy Control is now 4.033 on NGC. Haas HFO Service Techs can access this parameter.
Stated simply, If you can utilize G156 canned broaching cycle, you can use our angle head.

For discussion on a related topic, see the tutorial on How to Orient the Angle Head.

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