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Minimum Requirements FAQs

What coolant pressure and flow is required to operate an angle head?

We have drilled 1/8″3 MM holes in aluminum at 7 IPM180 MM / minute with 3 GPM10 LPM at 145 PSI11 BAR. However, typically for most light duty applications a minimum of 5 GPM20 LPM and 300 PSI20 Bar would be required. The maximum capacity is 15 GPM57 LPM flow and 2000 PSI138 Bar. Most commonly we see 1000 PSI70 Bar and 8 GPM30 LPM which works well for most applications.

For a performance calculator see the Angle Heads Performance Data.

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What micron coolant filtration do you recommend?

We recommend a 50 micron pre-filter and 10 micron filtration, preferably on the pressure side of the system. Don’t forget a 10 micron filter on your air blast at the machine.

Will my machine orient the Titespot® angle head?

Most machines with a servo and encoder on the spindle can index the Titespot® angle head.

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Will I need a stop block on my machine?

The Titespot® angle head does not require a stop block.

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What if my spindle has play when clamped?

Unless there is mechanical wear or looseness, play at an M19 is almost always a function of the servo drive parameters and can be corrected.

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