What Filtration Do I Need?

What Micron Coolant Filtration Do I Need?

The Titespot® Angle Head is not as sensitive to contaminated coolant as you might think.

Particles in the coolant, however, can cause premature wear to bearings gears and motor parts. Particles the right size in the wrong location can result in a “lock up” of the motor. If a lock up is to occur it will most likely be in the first few seconds of operation. Rarely after that, and then usually for obvious reasons.

We recommend a 50 micron pre-filter followed by 10 micron filtration, preferably on the pressure side of the system.

Don’t forget a 10 micron filter on your air hose and air blast right at the machine. The air blast will spin the tool at every tool change and what machinist will be able to resist the temptation of “giving her a little spin” with the air hose? A filter at the compressor just before a 3 mile trip through rusty pipes doesn’t count.

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