Do I Need a Gearbox

Do I need a Gearbox?

Titespot heads driven by a live tool lathe or high pressure coolant can have the RPM and torque manipulated
with modular gearboxes while maintaining peak horsepower. Each gearbox contains an incredibly durable
planetary gearset.

For coolant driven units, RPM can be inappropriate for the work material, cutting tool material, or
cutting tool diameter. While there is some adjustment built into the head to fine-tune RPM, a reduction in
RPM reduces peak horse power. Horsepower is calculated with the following formula.

HP= (Torquein/lbs X RPM) / 63025

Heads driven by a live tool lathe are limited to the maximum RPM the turret can provide. For milling grooves
in softer materials, RPM higher than 6,000 may be desirable.

All of our coolant driven and live tool driven Titespot heads and Inline Spindle Speeders can be fitted with a
modular gearbox. Modular meaning the gearbox can be easily added or removed depending on the
application via (4) socket head cap screws.

Gearbox Options

The 5:1 gearbox reduces RPM and multiplies torque by 5x. It is common for a coolant pump’s volumetric output
to be 8GPM. This will produce 7,200RPM and 19in/lbs of torque in our coolant driven units. With a 5:1 gearbox,
RPM is reduced to 1,440 and torque is increased to 95in/lbs. This option is best for applications with large
diameter cutters in materials such as stainless steel, 4140, or Inconel.

The 1:5 gearbox increases RPM and reduces torque by 5x. If we use the same coolant pump from the 5:1
example, 7,200RPM would get increased to 36,000RPM and the torque would be reduced to 3.8in/lbs.

In the case of 2TD and 2TM heads, the 2:1 gear reduction is built into the head itself and
no additional gearbox is typically required. This ratio is not currently available for any other head.

Eltool Gearbox for Live Lathe Tool Image 2Eltool Gearbox for Live Lathe Tool Image 3

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