Choosing the Correct Head

Choosing the Correct Angle Head FAQs

How do I choose a shank?

There really are two choices when it comes to choosing a shank. 1. The type of tool holder that will fit your machine, or 2. a straight shank mounted in an endmill holder. There are several factors that might influence why we would pick one over the other.

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How do I choose a angle head size?

Generally, the largest angle head size that will fit into the cavity or bore you are machining and make the required cut is the best choice. The larger the angle head, the larger –and more durable– the parts like gears and bearings.

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What angle head “style” should I choose?

Milling style angle heads are always our first choice.

They are not as compact as a drilling style head. Drilling style angle heads are suitable for drilling, and light milling operations when the larger milling head will not access the bore or cavity.

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What spindle (collet) type should I choose?

Where space allows, a commercially available ER-type collet is generally the best choice. If not, we offer proprietary spindles designed to minimize the profile of the angle head.

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Is help available to choose my angle head?

We actually prefer to review your choices. And not just to make sure you’ve done it right. We have far too many options available to list them all here and if we did it would certainly add to the confusion. There might be appropriate alternatives for you. Or a solution to a specific problem. Be sure to check with us!

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