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Live Lathe Tools | How to Order

To order a Live Tool System (Live Tool Module and Angle Head) specify both part numbers separated by a dash.

Example: A Live Tool System consisting of a Live Tool Module for an O.D. mount Mazak lathe and a size 2M Angle Head equipped with an ER-11 Spindle, is part number MZ40B-2MST11.

For technical help or to place your order, call Eltool toll free at 1-877-435-8665 (USA), or (513) 723-1772.

Live Lathe Tool Modules

Right Angle Heads | Sizes & Dimensions


  1. Milling heads are recommended for heavier duty milling applications. They incorporate two preloaded angular contact bearings on the front of the spindle for improved performance and durability in side load applications. Drilling heads are more compact.
  2. "Taperlock and "Eltool" Spindles are proprietary spindles designed to minimize the profile of the angle heads.
  3. Please specify the size of Weldon spindle when ordering.
MBS=Minimum Bore Size
MSD=Maximum Shank Diameter
MTC=Maximum Tool Clearance

Live Lathe Tools Product Content

Face Mounted & Perifery Mounted VDI

Face Mounted VDI

Perifery Mounted VDI

Live Lathe Tool Module Drawing

Live Lathe Tool Module Drawing

For tech help or ordering assistance, call us toll free at 1-877-435-8665 (USA).