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Eltool Titespot® Live Lathe Tools for I.D. Machining

Titespot Live Lathe Tools

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Titespot® Live Lathe Tools for I.D. Machining

Designed to fit popular lathe models with VDI or BMT live tooling capability, Eltool’s Titespot® live tool modules, combined with our compact angle heads, machine in bores down to 5/8″16 mm in diameter. Now, secondary operations, including internal milling, drilling, keyseating, and grooving, can be integrated into your turning operations. The Titespot® modules and heads are cooled and lubricated by the filtered machine coolant, allowing continuous duty cycles. All right angle heads are interchangeable with all drive modules.

Typical Live Lathe Tool Applications

In the photo on the right and video above, the oil grooves in the bushing had previously been machined with an air drill on a tool post. The time required to complete this operation was reduced from 4 hours to 2 minutes.

Typical Application for Live Lathe Tools
Live Lathe Tools Sample Application
Live Lathe Tools Sample Application

Live Lathe Tools Product Gallery

Titespot Live Lathe Tool Product Image

O.D. Mounted VDI 40 with Size 2M Head with Weldon Spindle.

Face Mounted Titespot Live Lathe Tool

Face Mounted VDI 40 Size 1M Head with Weldon Spindle

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