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Titespot® Angle Heads | Performance Data

Torque Is Based On Pressure

Coolant pressure required to operate a Titespot® Right Angle Drill Head ranges from 200 to 2000 psi14 to 140 bar depending upon the “load” of the application. Under test conditions, the ELTOOL ball piston motor develops .019 inch pounds of torque per psi.03 Nm per bar of coolant pressure. Many things affect actual performance including viscosity of the coolant and condition of the motor itself.

Speed Is Based On Flow

At approximately 70% volumetric efficiency the ball piston motor will rotate at about 900 rpm per gpm238 rpm per lpm of flow.

The calculator below can be used to see speed (rpm) torque and power at various coolant pressures and flow rates.

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Pressure & Flow FormulaPressure & Flow  Formula - Metric

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