Operation FAQs

Can the head position be adjusted radially?

Yes, the head can be adjusted 360 degrees.

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How do I orient the angle head?

On machines with a “C” axis, the angle head can be used for multi-position orientation. On machines with a servo and encoder (as in rigid tapping), it is usually possible to re-orient the spindle to the desired angle(s) by altering the parameters for the M19 tool changer position.

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How fast can I machine?

The rule of thumb is we can remove in mild steel about 1 cubic inch per horsepower per minute (22 cubic centimeters per Kw per minute). About 3 times that much in aluminum and half that in heat treated 4140 or stainless.

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Can I tap?

The spindle direction can not be reversed. You can however thread mill with a Titespot® head.

How do I control the RPM?

The rpm is a function of coolant flow. Depending on the application, the head and shank style there are various way to control the feed rate.

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What if I get stuck?

We are always a phone call away.

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