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Video: How to Flip the Reaction Ring

The reaction ring is the part that sees the most load in normal operation. Depending on your coolant pressure, coolant cleanliness, load of the application and other factors the reaction ring can last 200 hours or 5000. We recommend it be checked after 300 hours of operation (actual cutting) and flipped over if any pits are observed. The reaction ring is assembled in such a way that it is not symmetrical. When flipped, the ball pistons ride in a new location extending the life of not only the reaction ring but the life of the entire motor.

Motor Parts

Video: Removing & Replacing the Motor

The motor can be removed for cleaning or replaced with a new or rebuilt motor. Many customers keep a spare motor on hand. Rather than wait while a motor is being rebuilt the spare can have you back up and running in less than an hour. The rebuilt motor then becomes the spare. The video also shows how to clean the motor if contaminants cause a problem.

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Pentel Orientation  Ball Block/Organizer

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