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Titespot® Spindle Speeders | How to Order

All shanks available on spindle speeders, right angle heads, and keycutters are interchangeable. For ordering assistance or questions, contact Eltool at 1-877-4ELTOOL (USA, toll free), or (513) 723-1772.

Titespot® Spindle Speeder Part Numbers

Choose Shank Model Part Number
Cat 40 Inline Cat40-Inline
Cat 50 Inline Cat50-Inline
Straight Shank Inline SS1-1/4-Inline

Add -D for Din B coolant ie: Cat40-Inline-D

Sizes & Dimensions

Inline Spindle Speeder DrawingInline Spindle Speeder Drawing - Metric

Shank “L”
Straight Shank 4.312109.5
Cat/Bt 40 5.375136.5
Cat/Bt 50 3.938100.0
HSK63A 5.750146.0
HSK100A 4.750120.7
Capto C5 4.750120.7
Capto C6 5.000127.0

For tech help or ordering assistance, call us toll free at 1-877-435-8665 (USA).