How They Work

Titespot® Spindle Speeders | How They Work

Used as a spindle speeder on machining centers and an inline coolant-powered live tool on lathes.

Titespot® Coolant Driven Spindle speeders incorporate a positive displacement ball piston motor powered by your high pressure coolant system (200-2000 PSI14-140 Bar depending upon the “load” of the application)

The drive shaft transmits power from the motor to an ER-16 collet spindle. Exhausted coolant is directed at the cutter.

A Spindle Speeder will increase your spindle speed by 900 rpm per gallon236 rpm per litre of coolant flow. For example, if your maximum spindle speed is 6000 rpm and your coolant delivery system is 6 GPM20 lpm your tool speed will be 11,400 RPM. 6000 + 5400 = 11,400.

Titespot® Spindle Speeder Advantages

  • Machine spindle rotation can be added to the speeder rpm. Simply turn on your spindle and high pressure coolant and add both speeds together.
  • Loads easily from ATC on a machining center.
  • Continuous duty cycle. Will not overheat.
  • Convert your lathe to live tool.

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